Welcome to Digital Risk, the Largest Independent Provider of Quality Control, Valuation & Fulfillment Solutions.


Due Diligence

Our successful completion of over $1.7 trillion in due diligence quality control reviews provides unsurpassed expertise to mitigate the underwriting risk elements which may result in potential fraud, loan repurchase or default…

Valuation Services

Digital Risk Valuation Services provides services to help minimize appraisal risk through a tailored sample approach. Our technology compares product data to public records in order to…

Quality Control (Pre and Post Funding)

Being the largest Quality Control firm in the US, our successful completion of over 1.2 million rigorous loan reviews provides an unsurpassed expertise in identifying repurchase risk elements…

Fulfillment Solutions

Digital Risk Mortgage Services, as part of our client dedicated teams, deliver functional expertise to quickly and effectively manage any capacity including, loan fulfillment of processing, underwriting and closing. We are also the largest…


Our compliance and surveillance solutions provide interactive assessment and mitigation of operational, credit and counter-party risk exposures. Proactive services protect against costly legal, reputational and financial perils of such…


Digital Risk Analytics provide various services to the mortgage industry based on analytical and statistical modeling. Services include Veritas®, the industry’s only multi-dimensional mortgage analytic platform that models…


Digital Risk’s patent-pending analytics platform and efficient processes are a result of loan-by-loan analysis of more than $110 billion in mortgages conducted by 2,000 extensively trained & skilled loan analysts.

Proven Process

Digital Risk’s sophisticated business-rule-driven platform provides solutions across the mortgage life cycle to predict loan-level default, risk severity and prepayment.

Superior Technology

Our Veritas mortgage analytic platform provides a more accurate, reliable and meaningful understanding of risk and the propensity to default or prepay than legacy systems.