Touching over 40,000 files each and every month, Digital Risk is the largest independent provider of Quality Control, Due Diligence, Valuations, and Fulfillment Services for the complex and dynamic financial services market.

The individual talents of our thousands of analysts are amplified by the company’s proprietary technology and advanced analytics performed using the Making Mortgages Safe™ solutions suite.

These proprietary platforms are the result of the analysis of over $110 billion in mortgage loans. We provide:

  • Comprehensive platform serving the entire mortgage life cycle
  • Best in class patent-pending analytics and business rule workflow technology to help mitigate re-purchase risk
  • Market leading size and scale
  • One-stop risk management platform with open architecture and plug-and-play toolset
  • Platform flexibility facilitating horizontal and vertical expansion
  • State-of-the-art paperless document management system

Our solutions address each phase of the mortgage life cycle by evaluating and monitoring mortgage exposure at the loan level to provide invaluable insight of the key reasons for – and indicators of – credit, fraud and operations risk to predict and to manage loan performance. Our Origination and Collateral Valuation offerings meet growing capacity, regulatory and other challenges faced by the mortgage industry.

Digital Risk constantly improves services and solutions to address the needs of the current market cycle. While many generic analytics technologies are available, none holistically address the complexity and constantly shifting needs of the mortgage industry. Our proprietary, patent-pending intelligent platform, Veritas®, provides information and analysis at the most granular level – the borrower, property and market – as well as at the portfolio level, to measure manufacturing and operations risk as well as help mitigate repurchase risk, specifically:

  • Credit Risk Evaluations

    Predicting default risk utilizing unique data sources such as credit bureau, property, loan, income, market and many other types of data to drive credit policy and pricing with granularity down to the borrower level at specific points in time.

  • Operations Risk Assessment

    Predicting the risk of errors in the origination of a loan utilizing the characteristics identified in Digital Risk’s loan-by-loan analysis of more than $100 billion in mortgages. These models are used to enhance our credit risk models, embedded in our valuation model and enable the effectiveness of our internal operations.

  • Fraud Assessment

    Identifying debt, identity, occupancy, income, collateral value and fraud red flags and indicators to calculate the probability of fraud and/or direct Digital Risk’s analysts towards underwriting errors, compliance violations and R&W violations.

However, technology cannot replace the human finesse required to make any final recommendations. Enabled by Digital Risk’s analytical platform, our highly-skilled teams meticulously review all data to ensure quality and performance requirements are consistently met, regardless of volume fluctuations.

The nation’s largest mortgage originators, servicers and government agencies trust our verification solutions to identify errors, misrepresentation or noncompliance. With Digital Risk, business partners have the experience, technology and people they need to make confident lending decisions. These client-dedicated teams operate out of offices in New York, Denver, Orlando, Lake Mary, Jacksonville, Boca Raton and Bangalore India.

Digital Risk joined the Mphasis family in February 2013.  Digital Risk is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Mphasis (an HP Company). Digital Risk continues to operate independently with a vision to make mortgages safe while also leveraging Mphasis’ breadth and centers of excellence. Mphasis enables customers to meet the demands of an evolving marketplace  by combining superior human capital with cutting edge solutions in hyper-specialized areas. To know more: