By touching over 40,000 files each and every month, Digital Risk is the largest independent provider of Quality Control, Due Diligence, Valuations and Fulfillment Services for the complex and dynamic financial services market.

The individual talents of thousands of Digital Risk’s analysts are amplified by the company’s proprietary technology and advanced analytics performed using the Making Mortgages Safe solutions suite. These proprietary platforms are the result of the analysis of over $110 billion in mortgage loans. A patent pending process allows Digital Risk to continuously enhance its Making Mortgages Safe solutions suite for our business partners.

Digital Risk together with its subsidiaries is dedicated to continuously exceeding our business partners’ expectations while maintaining the highest levels of integrity.

Our subsidiaries provide a comprehensive solutions suite to support every stage of the mortgage life cycle. Our subsidiaries include:

Digital Risk Mortgage Services

Digital Risk Mortgage Services® (DRMS)

  • NMLS ID No. 882666
  • Digital Risk Mortgage Services (DRMS) provides origination services which include end-to-end fulfillment, or components thereof
  • Consultation with mortgage originators and banks to identify and implement efficiencies in the origination process
  • Digital Risk Mortgage Services (DRMS) provides SAFE Compliant, State licensed services and a workforce that is educated on all applicable Federal and State compliance
  • NMLS Consumer Access website

Digital Risk Valuation Services®, (DRVS)

  • Digital Risk Valuation Services (DRVS) is a large national AMC providing a suite of both traditional and non-traditional valuation products and services to enhance evaluating the marketability and value of properties, along with ensuring that valuation reports meet all regulatory guidelines
  • With over 150 certified appraisers, Digital Risk Valuation Services (DRVS) quality assurance process includes three tiers of review, which occur prior to delivery of the appraisal product to our client ensuring very low revision rate and the highest quality appraisal
  • ValuationIQ™ is used as a Home Equity/HELOC valuation product and to support or augment the valuation review process
Digital Risk Analytics Logo

Digital Risk Analytics® (DRA)

  • Digital Risk Analytics (DRA) provides various services to the mortgage industry based on analytical and statistical modeling helping to mitigate repurchase risk
  • Services include Veritas®, the industry’s only multi-dimensional mortgage analytic platform that models credit and manufacturing risk for insight superior to single-scoring methodology mitigating repurchase risk and reducing the likelihood that overall risk has been understated and the loan mispriced
  • Managing mortgage risk using analytical and statistical models for predicting and analyzing fraud and loan defaults, loss and prepayment, consumer financial product consumption trends and actions.
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Digital Risk® (DR)