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Potential borrowers unfamiliar with or reluctant to obtain home equity lines of credit; Fed rate hikes discouraging applicants

MAITLAND, Fla. – APRIL 27, 2017 — A decade after the housing market crisis, most homeowners say they are reluctant to take out home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) to meet other financial needs. At the same time, one in five are unfamiliar with the common loan instrument and 30 percent do not know how […]

As Interest Rates Rise and Fall

Jay Hinton, Senior Director in Corporate Quality and Compliance at Digital Risk, recently got published in BAI.org in his article titled “As interest rates rise and fall, behold the constant of quality control” discussing the impact of fluctuating interest rates on quality control. While designing a quality control group, consistency is something which is looked […]

Debbie Hoffman on Equal Lending or Fair Lending

Debbie K Hoffman, Chief Legal Office, Digital Risk; recently featured in Secondary Marketing Executive Magazine in her article titled “Equal Lending or Fair Lending” co-authored along with Rick Roque discussing the impact of Fair Lending violations subjecting the institution to regulatory penalties , operational and technical changes. Earlier, lenders would engage in lending practices, knowingly […]

Jeffrey Taylor on FBN:am

Jeffrey Taylor appeared on “FBN:am” with hosts Lauren Simonetti and Nicole Petallides, where he shared his outlook regarding the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increase and the impact of President Trump’s move towards deregulation.

Digital Trends in Home Purchasing

Debbie Hoffman, Chief Legal Officer at Digital Risk, LLC, recently published an enlightening piece titled “Digital Trends in Home Purchasing” There is a whole virtual world existing parallel to the real human world. There are websites and apps for anything and everything. If you were looking for a house, you won’t call up the agent, […]

Debbie Hoffman on Bloomberg Radio Regarding Trump Rolling Back Dodd-Frank

Bloomberg Radio   Debbie Hoffman, Chief Legal Officer, Digital Risk recently spoke to Bloomberg radio regarding Trump’s effects on Finance Industry Debbie amongst other who’s who of the Finance world spoke about the impact of Trump’s deregulation of policies and predicted that it might actually make financial firms more likely to use third party services. […]

The Future is Now – Jeffrey Taylor on President Trump’s Impact on Housing

CTW Features Jeffrey C. Taylor, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Digital Risk LLC, was recently published in CTW Features’ article titled “The Future is now” regarding the impact of the Trump Presidency and his policies on the housing industry. The most prevalent question of the Trump Presidency is its effect on housing. Republicans and Democrats […]