Wage Growth Stagnation and Depleted Urban Inventory Affect New Home Sales

Jeff Taylor appeared on Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo and discussed January’s new home sales results. Jeff also explained that even with the small uptick in new home sales the market is fighting two big issues: 1) wage growth remains stagnant and 2) there is a demand mismatch as baby boomers and millennials both seek to buy closer to the city, depleting inventory and leaving excess inventory in the suburbs. To learn more and find out what could impact home sales in our near future tune in now.

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Jeff Taylor Discusses The State of Job Creation on CNBC

On the CNBC Closing Bell Exchange Jeff Taylor, Digital Risk’s Managing Partner, discusses the state of job creation and how today’s job print may impact the Fed’s decision to hike rates. Employment rates slowly climb, but the average income rate is still much lower than it has been in the past. If rates do increase, how will the still recovering housing market react?
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Jeff Taylor Discusses How Millennials Prove Location Is Key

Jeff Taylor, on the Willis Report, discusses how current events have had an enormous impact on what’s driving the market today.

Global issues are making an immediate impact on US stock volatility, whereas slowly rising interest rates will eventually hurt the housing and corporate market.

Jeff explains how the 19% increase in new housing sales last month, indicating that Millennials are buying in the right areas of the country like San Francisco, Washington and Miami, proves buyers just have to be purchasing in the right areas to keep up with today’s fluctuating market.

Tune in now to watch Jeff and the panel discuss the current state of the market and how it could impact your business.

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Managing Partner, Jeff Taylor on Fox Business Network
Record date: October 13, 2014

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