4 Ways Firms Are Failing Associates

4 Ways Firms Are Failing Associates

4 Ways Firms Are Failing Associates
Law 360
June 19, 2015

And having someone to learn from is extremely important, according to Debbie Hoffman, the Chief Legal Officer of Digital Risk Inc., where she has built an in-house legal team based on what she learned in her years in BigLaw.

“It happens organically, but law firms can help make it happen,” she said. “You need to have strong mentors. Part of it is luck, but part of it is you have to develop those relationships. It’s extremely important to have the partnership work with the junior level.”

She added that firms should have not just partners mentoring young lawyers, but senior associates as well.

“We take some time out, we have lunches, we want to do more team building,” Hoffman said. “I think as lawyers we are so business-oriented that we sometimes forget about it. It helps to develop those relationships and trust.”


Counsel’s Corner: GSEs Have Intensified Efforts to Transfer Risk to Private Market

Counsel’s Corner: GSEs Have Intensified Efforts to Transfer Risk to Private Market
DS News
June 19, 2015

Debbie HoffmanAs the Chief Legal Officer for Digital Risk, Debbie K. Hoffman oversees the operation of Digital Risk’s legal, compliance, risk and licensing functions. Debbie is responsible for corporate governance, legal compliance of subsidiaries and lines of business, preparation and negotiation of legal agreements, legal regulatory issues and evaluating the company’s exposure to risk. Debbie advises the company on a wide variety of legal issues and directs the company’s outside counsel. In addition to her corporate legal duties. Debbie recently spoke with DS News about the challenges of compliance and the GSEs’ transfer of risk from the taxpayers to the private market.

New Credit Rating Agency Rules Target Due Diligence Transparency

New Credit Rating Agency Rules Target Due Diligence Transparency

New Credit Rating Agency Rules Target Due Diligence Transparency
National Mortgage News
June 16, 2015

New regulations for credit rating agencies that took effect this week are expected to make mortgage and other asset-backed securities more transparent by requiring broader disclosure of certain due diligence reports.

Under the rules, which were mandated under the Dodd-Frank Act and issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission, reviews and reports that due diligence providers previously delivered to investment bankers and rating agencies must be shared directly with the public, said Jeff Taylor, co-founder and managing partner of Digital Risk.

Kim Lanham Elite Women in Mortgage 2015

Kim Lanham Recognized as Elite Women 2015 by Mortgage Professional America

MPA asked professionals in our industry to nominate women who’d broken new ground in the Mortgage industry, and the response was overwhelming. After careful consideration, they narrowed the list down to 50 women who are rising stars. From marketing geniuses to CEOs to loan officers, these women represent the mortgage world’s best and brightest.

Kim Lanham, Digital Risks VP of Marketing and Project Management was recognized in the top 50 Elite Women in Mortgage 2015 by Mortgage Professional America. Click below to see her full feature.



Hurricane TRID: An Epic Storm of Regulatory Proportion

By now most of us are aware that the rumors surrounding a possible delay of TRID’s August 1st deadline are false, and some of us are rejoicing in the enforcement leniency alluded to in the CFPB’s June 3rd letter to members of Congress. Yet, could this notion of a “grace period” also be false? Mortgage industry professionals must come to terms with the fact that the deadline is not changing, and that this “grace period” may not be all that helpful to financial institutions. Read more to learn why mortgage industry professionals may not be able to breathe a sigh of relief just yet.

The CFPB finalized the Truth in Lending Act and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID) in November 2013. The Rule includes over 1,800 pages and represents a major change for the mortgage industry. Implementing the two new disclosure forms required by the regulation will have a trickle-down effect that creates complexities across the mortgage value chain, from lenders to servicers to investors. Integrating these new forms into their compliance management system and daily business activities will require lenders to significantly update technology platforms and redesign key aspects of their operations through new policies and procedures.

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2015 HousingWire Rising Star

Digital Risk’s Laura Williamson Named One of HousingWire’s 2015 Rising Stars!

Laura WilliamsonLaura Williamson, SVP of Client Services at Digital Risk, LLC, an Orlando-based mortgage risk analytics and loan processing firm, has been named among HousingWire Magazine’s 2015 Rising Stars.

Now in its second year, the Rising Star program recognizes the brightest and most accomplished industry leaders under 40. According to HousingWire, winners were selected for demonstrating real accomplishments that helped their companies and the industry as a whole to reach new heights.

As part of the feature, HousingWire asked each of the winners to comment on habits, advice and obstacles that they’ve faced on their road to success.

Increasing the Mortgage Inventory Webinar

Digital Risk’s Sesha Dhanyamraju panelist on National Mortgage News Webinar

Sesha Dhanyamraju, CEO & Managing Partner of Digital Risk, an Orlando-based mortgage risk analytics and loan processing firm, joined a panel of industry experts on National Mortgage News’ “Increasing the Mortgage Inventory: How to Entice Millennials” webinar on May 27th.

During the webinar, panelists discussed what changes are and need to occur in the industry to entice millennials to purchase houses, thus having an effect on the mortgage lifecycle. Sesha, specifically, offered insights on the technology enhancements, self-servicing options and mobile campaigns needed to attract and retain millennial homebuyers.

To learn more about how Digital Risk can provide valuable information regarding millenials please contact us.