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Full Spectrum of Solutions That Span the Mortgage Life Cycle

Uniquely Qualified to Seamlessly Tailor Solutions Around Business Partners’ Requirements

Digital Risk provides a comprehensive suite of analytics, advisory, quality control and forensic review solutions. Our state-of-the-art analytics have been successfully used to screen and identify potential fraud and credit risk at a granular loan level in new originations, refinancings and modifications, as well as to pinpoint fraudulent non-performing loans within existing portfolios of whole loans and within securitized pools.

Our Solutions:

  • Minimize credit risk
  • Mitigate repurchase risk
  • Ensure the highest quality appraisals
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Identify and prevent fraud
  • Quantify fraud and misrepresentation impact on loan performance
  • Provide loss mitigation and asset recovery solutions
  • Execute loss indemnification strategies
  • Furnish loan-level analysis and scoring
  • Advanced securitization analysis, monitoring and remediation
  • Assure loan quality
  • Provide risk management across entire mortgage life cycle

Digital Risk combines a loan level understanding of the mortgage market with extensive and unique modeling capabilities. Our powerful combination of advanced predictive analytics and forensic loan reviews enables our business partners to make informed decisions under time-critical conditions. Digital Risk’s complete solutions span five business lines:

Due Diligence

Digital Risk has one of the biggest due diligence practices in the industry.  By either helping ensure newly originated Jumbo loans are of great quality, reviewing MSR and NPL trades or by taking a portfolio of loans and getting them ready for…

Valuation Services

Digital Risk Valuation Services provide a National AMC and more than 150 certified staff appraisers to help minimize appraisal risk through a tailored sample approach. Our technology compares product data to public records in order to identify red flags…

Quality Control

Being the largest quality control vendor in America, Digital Risk offers a wide variety of pre and post funding reviews designed to ensure our business partners are Making Mortgages Safe…


Constant regulatory compliance change, repurchase fears and tightened underwriting standards lead to an ever more complicated mortgage lending environment. Digital Risk has the unique capability to help lenders…

Compliance & Surveillance

Digital Risk compliance and surveillance solutions provide interactive assessment and mitigation of operational, credit and counter-party risk exposures. Proactive services protect against costly legal, reputational and financial perils of such…


Digital Risk Analytics provides various services to the mortgage industry based on analytical and statistical modeling. Services include Veritas®, the industry’s only multi-dimensional mortgage analytic platform that models…