Mitigating Losses Through Innovative Solutions

Digital Risk compliance and surveillance solutions provide interactive assessment and mitigation of operational, credit and counter-party risk exposures. Proactive services protect against costly legal, reputational and financial perils of such exposures, and address the challenges of tougher standards and stringently enforced lending laws.


Digital Risk’s compliance and surveillance solutions provide diligent, up-do-date analysis to make certain portfolios adhere to changing regulatory demands, compliance supplements, GSE requirements and state and federal laws. Collateral documents, including the note, addenda, mortgage, deed of trust, title, policy, etc., are reviewed for status and exceptions to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Digital Risk’s compliance solutions begin with an extensive securitization document review performed by on-staff securitization attorneys. Then, assets in a portfolio are monitored to identify early warning signs of problem loans. We proactively manage potential losses by monitoring property valuations and facilitating prompt servicer action on delinquent accounts. Digital Risk mitigates losses by actively communicating surveillance findings to the appropriate parties and outlining the steps they may take in response to surveillance findings.

Digital Risk’s comprehensive review covers:

  • Collection efforts (borrower contact)
  • Loss mitigation
  • Modification recidivism
  • Cash management/lockbox
  • Third-party vendors
  • Foreclosure and bankruptcy
  • Claim payment calculation
  • REO
  • Investor reporting and accounting