D-Riskers Stroll in Honor of Disabled

Orlando, FL (October 5, 2013) – For the first time, D-Riskers joined the Center for Independent Living at the Stroll ‘n’ Roll 2013 at Harbor Park at Lake Baldwin.

The team of 20 D-Riskers, family, and friends, led by Jeff Perrine, walked with hundreds of other community members.

The Stroll ‘n’ Roll is an annual event that celebrates disability inclusion. Participants had the opportunity to complete the 2.5 mile route by walking or sitting in a wheelchair in order to experience the event in a different way. The family friendly event kicked off at 9:00 a.m. and provided a day full of entertainment, free giveaways, and opportunities to take photos with the Orlando City Soccer team.

“I took along my three daughters. The oldest enjoyed the walk and wants to continue to do charity events similar to this in the future,” stated D-Risker Alissa Welch. “It really opened her eyes about the purpose and focus on helping others.”

Digital Risk came in 2nd place in the top three fundraising teams with more than $1,100 raised. The event itself raised over $30,000.

Digital Risk participant, Michelle Merritt commented, “I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect at the Stroll ‘n’ Roll event; I just wanted to support a co-worker’s local charity. But after seeing the impact that this organization has on disabled individuals in our community, I plan to be a part of this event each year”10-5-13-D-Riskers-Stroll-in-Honor-of-Disabled

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