Elf on the Shelf Day One

You’ve Found Me! On Day One
But I’ve Moved Around to Have Some FUN

This is a hunt especially for you,

I’m your elf on the shelf, pleased to meet you

Find me to win a prize if you could

So take some time out if you would

I’m hidden away in your site’s neighborhood

Don’t forget to submit at Digital Risk Careers

Thanks for finding me, now stay tuned for day two.



The Elf on the Shelf Hunt was an online activity held by Digital Risk during the winter holiday. This was in conjunction with Digital Risk holiday campaign marked by #DRHolidays. From December 21 -23, 2015 Digital Risk employees got the opportunity to find the Digital Risk elf placed strategically in a new location each day by Digital Risks’ web designer. The hunt was spearheaded by Supervisor, Human Resource Amy Huff and Supervisor, Employer Branding Bridget Brennan. With clues and interaction from the web designer. The contest focused on engagement and employee participation. A few employees even commented on the post when they found the elf receiving a message from the elf.

Each morning a clue was emailed out to the employees with a hint as to where the elf was located. From there employees explored the site in search of the elf. They were able to give their answer as to the elf’s location. With the bonus of the employee with the correct answer all three days submitted within the given time frame winning a prize. The winner was announced the 24th on Christmas Eve.

Participants also received the chance to follow the elf on Facebook as well as Twitter. Additional hints were given through out the day as well as motivation to keep going.
elf on the shelf, catch me if you can
Each day the Elf on the Shelf hid in a new location and after his seasonal visit ended said goodbye on the submissions page.
Though gone on the corporate website the memories of the DR elf lingers in our memories and a few social media posts.
Day 2 additional clue and reminder on Twitter
Day 2 additional clue and reminder on Facebook
Elf on Twitter with Day 3 emailed hint
Elf on Twitter with an additional clue for Day 3

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    • Digital Risk
      Digital Risk says:

      Oh my aren’t you a clever one
      To catch me so quickly and it’s just day one

      -Nicole I’ll have to be extra sneaky with D-Riskers like you.


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