Digital Risk Hosts 2nd Annual “Break the Glass” Executive Women’s Summit

Digital Risk Hosts 2nd Annual “Break the Glass” Executive Women’s Summit

Maitland, Fla. – November 1, 2016 – Kicking off the Fall season with a bang – or a break – Digital Risk held its second annual “Break the Glass” Executive Women’s Summit in Sonoma, California. This summit was created in order for top women executives in the mortgage industry to discuss and drive the substantial impact businesswomen can have on their companies and on the industry as a whole.

“Digital Risk is thrilled to have brought influential women together to discuss how they and their colleagues can drive innovation and positive change in the industry,” said Jeffrey Taylor, Co-Founder & Managing Director. “We’ve seen great results originating from the Summit as these women have built collaborative relationships and brought ideas gleaned from the event back to their companies.”

The business women leaders brought together on this forum discussed relevant industry, professional growth, and personal topics, as well as shared best practices from their experience, networked and cultivated relationships, and relished the venue and conference activities.

Throughout the event, world renowned speakers and multiple women at the top of their field led sessions and panels revolving around leadership, the future state of the industry and work in general, communication, and how to break the glass.

Key speakers, including Marcia Davies, COO Mortgage Bankers Association; Dr. Tracey Wilen, speaker, expert, and author of “Employed for Life: 21st Century Career Trends;” Ruth Sherman, consultant, communication expert and speaker; and Angela Chee, media strategist, TV host and speaker, shared their expertise on everything from the future of the mortgage industry, women as consumers, the skills needed in a digital world, best practices for powerful communication, and how to break through the personal glass ceiling and achieve an individualized definition of success.

Panel sessions featured several summit attendees who shared their expertise in the areas of leadership, persuasion and negotiation, Fintech and how to go mobile and digital, and global risks and opportunities in today’s international marketplace.

“Seeing these powerful leaders come together to brainstorm ways to further the industry and discuss what women can do to help each other reach success was truly inspiring,” said Kimberly Lanham, SVP, Marketing & Client Relations. “Collaboration among women in the mortgage industry is crucial to ensure that businesswomen – and their ideas, concerns, and priorities – are represented in the boardroom.”

Key takeaways from the summit were that due to market conditions, regulatory factors, and the changing demands from consumers, the mortgage industry is changing at a rapid pace. Now, more than ever, women can utilize their skills in leadership, communication and creativity to drive their companies and the industry forward to success. While it is essential for women to collectively strive to break the glass ceiling, female leaders should also define their version success and help their female colleagues reach their personal definition of what it means to be successful.

To see pictures from the summit and to learn more about the speakers and sessions, visit the event page at”

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