Digital Risk Featured in MBA’s mPower Article

Digital Risk Featured in MBA’s mPower Article

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If you haven’t heard of Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) platform mPower yet, you soon will. MBA Promoting Opportunities for Women to Extend their Reach (mPower) was featured in a recent MBA Insights article that covered the importance of women networking programs within the real estate finance industry. As a strong supporter of women in leadership and MBA’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, Digital Risk was also featured in the article.

According to the article “mPower: The Power of Networking,” although female representation in the workforce has increased, many women still face barriers when climbing the corporate ladder. Challenges are even more prevalent within the real estate finance industry, where men make up a majority of the workforce and women networking opportunities are few and far between. Digital Risk’s SVP, Marketing & Client Relations Kim Lanham was quoted on the subject:

“I have been in the industry for about seven years. When I first entered the industry, I was attending conferences and noticing that there were 50 men to every woman and the women were…not inclusive to outsiders,” adds Kim Lanham, senior vice president of marketing and client services for Digital Risk LLC, Maitland, Fla. “I believe that women have realized that we are different creatures and have more power together. We are also still a minority in our industry, [and] are finally understanding the power of the female network and sphere of influence. Individuals naturally gravitate toward what is most like them, and senior women in our industry are very similar–and can now find comfort in the similarities and not feel threatened.”

To address this conundrum, MBA launched mPower at its 2016 Annual Convention in October of 2016. Due to the professional organization’s size and reputation, expectations for program participation are very optimistic. Digital Risk was featured as one of the companies that have created women’s events similar to the one held at Annual:

“There have been successful and well-attended women’s summits hosted by member companies such as Digital Risk and Radian, and championed by hardworking ambassadors within the companies. But their scale is smaller because of the companies’ generally more localized range. MBA has the advantage of an extended reach, supported by the substantial number of annual conferences and meetings it holds from one end of the country to the other all year long.”

Since October, MBA has increased the number of mPower events that will be held at upcoming conferences. To learn about these upcoming events and how to join the mPower network, read the full article here.

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