Debbie Hoffman on Bloomberg Radio Regarding Trump Rolling Back Dodd-Frank

Bloomberg Radio


Debbie Hoffman, Chief Legal Officer, Digital Risk recently spoke to Bloomberg radio regarding Trump’s effects on Finance Industry

Debbie amongst other who’s who of the Finance world spoke about the impact of Trump’s deregulation of policies and predicted that it might actually make financial firms more likely to use third party services.

Finance firms currently are spending as much as one fifth of their revenues on compliance as they find themselves under scrutiny like never before. Historically banks were pretty hesitant to outsource because of heavy handed Dodd Frank which is anticipated be eased now but there are still other kinds of regulations like FEC for which they will require the third party vendors to comply with. They will be more likely to outsource because they will be less scared now of getting a canopy under Dodd Frank Act.

Listen to the full Radio clip on Trump Rolling Back Dodd-Frank and its effects on Finance Industry by press play on the audio file.

Curious about Debbie Hoffman? Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

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