Digital Trends in Home Purchasing

Digital Trends in Home Purchasing

Debbie Hoffman, Chief Legal Officer at Digital Risk, LLC, recently published an enlightening piece titled “Digital Trends in Home Purchasing”

There is a whole virtual world existing parallel to the real human world. There are websites and apps for anything and everything. If you were looking for a house, you won’t call up the agent, instead you will go to Trulio. Need the house tour? Just login Redfin and get an online tour sitting at your workplace and similarly many apps to calculate a mortgage payment. The millennial generation who exist in both the worlds effortlessly are expecting to buy a home too entirely online.

Mortgage providers understand the demands and are now providing end-to-end online lending solutions. Online mortgage applications ae expected to completely omit the tedious step of paperwork from the mortgage process.

This ‘wherever and whenever’ feature of the online world will provide the customers with full access to their mortgage and a variety of features for the borrower to utilize and access without having to be stuck waiting on hold.

Making the mortgage application process more affordable is a move that will enable many more consumers to purchase a home.

Read the firsthand account of Debbie’s own narrative here.


Digital Trends in Home Purchasing by: Debbie Hoffman

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