Leo Loomie on The Jon Sanchez Radio Show | Loosening Lending Requirements

Leo Loomie, SVP, Client Development at Digital Risk, an Mphasis company recently appeared on The Jon Sanchez Show talking about loosening mortgage lending requirements.

Reflecting on the current market, Leo asserts that affordability is still pretty solid, but inventory is a much bigger issue. With the cost of renting still high, it makes total sense to buy a home right now. Advising millennials, Leo says “Credit standards are actually loosening up a little bit, there are some great low down payment programs out there that younger buyers are not even aware of,” Leo encourages young home buyers to educate themselves on how the lending process works and the loan options available to manage debt responsibly. Underlining lending requirements, Leo goes on to say “Lenders are reducing their overlays, bad loans have been swept out of system, repurchase rates are at all-time historical lows right now and with the credit box tightened too far, there is sustainable room to loosen up the credit box.” With Digital Risk’s experience of handling numerous loans, Leo thinks Credit Quality is really strong right now.

Leo also reflected on the prominence of Digital Mortgages and how everything can be done on a smartphone now. Consumers have access to Loan Officers 24/7 if they need assistance and the advent of Artificial Intelligence has made great advances to the mortgage industry.

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