Jeff Taylor Quoted in NBC NEWS ONLINE

Jeff Taylor, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Digital Risk, an Mphasis Company, was recently quoted in NBC News in the article titled “Biometrics are here: The crazy ways you’re going to be paying in the future” talking about the next-generation technology to track consumer spending.

Biometrics aren’t only used for purchases. Walt Disney World park-goers are already familiar with the bracelets – “MagicBands”- that serve as as your ticket and track your movements when you’re inside the amusement park, explains Jeff Taylor. The flexible plastic bracelets work with RFID chip technology, and also serve as hotel room keys and as your means of accessing the Fastpass+ “cut-the-line” service.

Technology that tracks our movements, like Disney’s MagicBands, will also be a big part of our biometric future, Taylor says. Movement and behavior-tracking technology will one day be able to make recommendations for us based on our past decisions, resulting in improved life experiences. “Your tracking bracelet could send you an email saying, ‘Hey, that restaurant you tried to go to yesterday that had a two-hour wait only has a 10-minute wait now.'” Taylor says. “Overall, we’re going to be living in a more customized world where things come easier, and we get customized recommendations for things we might never have heard of otherwise.”

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