Jeffrey C. Taylor

Co-Founder & Managing Director – Head GTM

As Managing Director at Digital Risk, Jeffrey Taylor sets the strategic vision for the company’s business development and marketing. He has been on the forefront of addressing challenges faced by the mortgage industry across origination, quality control and compliance.

Since 2005, Jeff has been co-founder and managing director of Digital Risk, the nation’s largest provider of mortgage risk, compliance and transaction management solutions. In that capacity, Jeff oversees the company’s major strategic initiatives. Under his leadership, Digital Risk has grown from a start-up venture to as many as 2,000+ U.S.-based employees. The company has become a partner to many of the largest U.S.-based mortgage investors and banks and government-sponsored enterprises in processing mortgage transactions, as well as identifying and correcting regulatory/compliance risks.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jeff has built dynamic, innovative businesses by identifying opportunities to meet specialized needs within the financial services ecosystem. He has launched and successfully exited three companies, Digital Risk, Rapid Reporting Marketing Group, and American Transfer & and Trust, Inc. He has a degree in political science from the University of Miami.

Jeff is a voice for the industry as a frequent guest on financial television networks such as Fox Business News and CNBC as well as a source to top tier new outlets including The Wall Street Journal, sharing keen insights on the U.S. mortgage market and the economy.
Jeff also is an active leader in both his industry sector and his community, serving on the boards of the following non-profit organizations: Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), The Baptist Health Foundation of South Florida; Virtual Enterprises International; and the Taylor-Cata Foundation.