Amplify is a technology wrapper for boosting Loan Fulfillment performance. The platform provides a one-stop shop that “wraps” all operational tasks performed in a Loan Operating System (LOS), reduces cycle times, improves customer experience, enhances process quality, monitors near real-time performance, and creates additional levels of compliance and accountability.

AmplifyTM boosts performance via:

  • Automated Loan Routing and Load Balancing
  • KPI Management Oversight (Business Intelligence)
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Safe Act Licensing Management
  • Call Platform Integration and Reporting
  • Inline Quality Control workflow
Amplify Screen

AmplifyTM’s intelligent routing logic plays a business critical role in assigning loan files to Digital Risk associates. The system provides a variety of parameters to manage the process to ensure the best fit assignment and all compliance requirements are met.

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