Jeffrey Taylor with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News

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Jeffrey C. Taylor, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Digital Risk LLC, appeared on “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business Network discussing the impact of mortgage rates dropping in the Housing Industry.

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Jeffrey Taylor on Bloomberg – His Predictions on 2017 Housing Drivers

Jeffrey Taylor appeared on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia” sharing his predictions for the U.S. housing market and his investment strategy for 2017. During the interview with Bloomberg’s Betty Liu and Yvonne Man, Jeff explains that he expects major drivers to fall within three buckets: the refinance market, the new administration’s deregulation policies, and Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty Program.
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Digital Risk On The Air

Jeffrey Taylor Interviewed on The Bloomberg Advantage

Digital Risk’s Jeffrey Taylor was interviewed on The Bloomberg Advantage following the announcement of the HARP Program extension and Janet Yellen’s comments that interest rates will likely rise by the end of 2016.

During the interview, Jeff discusses what potentially rising interest rates could mean for mortgages, why the HARP program has been extended, the status of the mortgage market and his thoughts on where the market is heading.

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Jeffrey Taylor on Fox Business News – his take on Alphabet, Google Home, and Amazon

Jeff Taylor appeared on Fox Business News asserting that Google Alphabet and Google Home are positioned to continue to grow for the long-haul because they meet consumers’ expectations for convenience – especially Millennials.
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Jeffrey Taylor on Yahoo! Finance weighing in on Housing and First-Time Homebuyers

Jeff Taylor appeared on Yahoo! Finance explaining why nearly 25% of U.S. renters are paying more on housing than they can afford is because many first-time homebuyers weigh high housing prices against high rents and opt for the lifestyle flexibility of renting.
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Rose Bogan on “The Bloomberg Advantage”

Digital Risk’s Rose Bogan on “The Bloomberg Advantage”

Bloomberg Radio

Digital Risk SVP, Governance Risk & Compliance Rose Bogan was interviewed live on Bloomberg Radio’s “The Bloomberg Advantage” yesterday at the Pershing INSITE 2016 Conference. During the interview with anchors Cory Johnson and Carol Massar, Rose shared insights on current housing inventory numbers, rising house prices, the credit box issue, and the much anticipated Boomerang Buyer.
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