Governance, Risk & Compliance

How is Digital Risk helping the industry with governance, risk and compliance?

Digital Risk tracks and maintains banking requirements. Our team of legal and compliance experts perform regular, comprehensive evaluations. The reviews incorporate an assessment and interpretation while defining control requirements for thousands of risks. In turn, this helps our clients:

  • Stay compliant with both state and federal regulatory requirements – We have a team of legal and compliance experts assessing and testing individual processes and regulatory requirement to ensure operational soundness.
  • Establish an organized approach for exams, audits, and formal reviews – We’ve developed Enterprise Technology that automates the entire end to end process for all formal reviews.
  • Build or maintain a strong Compliance Management System – We offer a technology solution which tracks regulations and statutes while automating your compliance management program.
  • Keep up with requirements for Anti- Money Laundering regulation – We offer targeted technology which optimizes the entire KYC/AML process, from on-boarding through investigations.

What We Offer

Operational Risk Solutions

Targeted Solutions for Complex Regulations

GRC - Why work with DR
    • GRC experts
    • Utilize and develop state of the art technology
    • Demonstrated past performance
    • Our solutions provide GRC compliance at a lower overall  investment to the client