Digital Risk’s LoanFxTM is a fully integrated Digital Mortgage Front End solution, powered by a comprehensive technology suite that provides operational scale, in-depth mortgage domain expertise, utilizing enterprise grade data security and compliance.

The integration of LoanFxTM front end capabilities further enhances Digital Risk’s end to end solution that is currently used by over a dozen banks and mortgage originators.

Advantages include:

    • Transparency of Process:
      Web based and mobile compatible borrower loan dashboard provides real time status updates to the borrower as well as the loan officer.
    • Improved Customer Experience:
      24/7 access to loan application system and any time customer concierge. Borrower can go for application to underwriting with a paid appraisal within 30 minutes. Borrowers can complete the URLA in less steps with the patent-pending 1003 Merge process.
    • Improved Manufacturing Efficiencies:
      Reduction in risk of non-compliance, as loans are automatically routed to employees that are licensed in the state where the loan is being originated, and the system performs licensing checks for both the company and the individual.
    • Manufacturing Cost Savings
    • Increased Pull Through:
      The patent-pending 1003 Merge process reduces time spent online filling out data, improves data quality and increases conversions.
    • Increase Quality Decrease Repurchase Risk
    • Vetted and Secure Vendor and System
    • Seamless Integration:
      LoanFx integrates directly into Digital Risk’s end to end technology and QC solutions.