Digital Risk is one of the largest vendor service providers to the mortgage industry and uniquely qualified as the high-confidence provider of choice for mortgage services, based on extensive experience in managing large scale, complex projects. Through our QC expertise and knowledge, LuminateTM uses ADR, OCR and RPA technology to fully automate mortgage document processing.

Digital Risk’s clients who use LuminateTM have seen uplift in customer experience and improvement in cycle times, all while maintaining and enhancing risk management and compliance in document management.

How Digital Risk Does It


• Conversion (Word/Excel/JPG to PDF)
• Document Standardization
• Re-orientation
• Password stripping

Automated Documentation Recognition (ADR)

• Recognizes hundreds of different mortgage document types

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

• Hundreds of available fields available from nearly all mortgage document types


  • Fully automated QC platform that provides critical insight and enhanced reporting for quality control, risk analysis and compliance.
  • System can be integrated anywhere in the loan lifecycle (Inline or Post Close)
  • System can learn over time to increase accuracy of all outputs
  • Reporting analytics can be used to deploy internal resources more effectively to improve quality and reduce errors
    • Direct integration into, LoanFxTM, QCynergyTM and AmplifyTM