Quality Control Experts – a right-click away!

Digital Risk and Ellie Mae® have partnered to enhance the Encompass® ecosystem with integrated Post Close QC. With a simple right-click, Ellie Mae® Encompass® users can obtain post close QC services from Digital Risk, a trusted industry expert. Encompass® users only need to highlight the loans selected for the requested audit type and the data is immediately imported into Digital Risk’s Encompass® environment. The Encompass® to Encompass® integration avoids the mess of configuring data feeds and adding structure to the security of transferring data.

Encompass® to Encompass® Advantages

A Strategic Partnership Resulting in Exceptional Service

  • Secure and seamless delivery
  • Ability to import a full 1003 mortgage application
  • Ability to import all fee fields associated to the itemization and based on the final CD
  • Simplifies document management by enabling lenders to utilize the Digital Risk Stacking Order
  • Each loan is easily imported with the matching document set and labeled for ease of review
  • Audit findings are available immediately after completion and appear in the same format as Underwriting Conditions