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Solutions Across the Mortgage Life Cycle to Mitigate Risk

Market Leading Technology and Analytics

Our methodology estimates systemic and operational risk through deep insight into the borrower, the property, the loan product, the local real estate market, the local job market, and other meaningful data points, as yet undiscovered by the mortgage finance industry, that impact the value of a loan. Our patent-pending feedback loop continuously refines models and incorporates the industry’s only multi-dimensional mortgage analytic platform that models systemic and operational risk for insight superior to single-scoring methodology.

Innovative Technology:

  • Task based work flow management
  • Business rule driven quality controls
  • Optical document & character recognition
  • Extensive integration of third party services
  • State-of-the-art reporting

Advanced Analytics

  • Identify at risk loans at any point of the mortgage life cycle
  • Borrower behavior insight beyond traditional underwriting elements
  • Analyze the impact of changes in property values and markets
  • Forecast future prepayments, defaults, losses and cash-flows

Our sophisticated business-rule-driven platforms provide solutions across the mortgage life cycle helping to predict loan-level default, severity and prepayment risks. They include:


Expert analysis to clearly reconcile property value misrepresentation.