Expert Analysis to Clearly Reconcile Property Value Misrepresentation

ValuationIQ™Digital Risk ValuationIQ™ combines superior analytics, advanced technology and the expertise of highly specialized forensic appraisers to deliver a clear, concise report supporting the reconciliation of multiple valuations and detailing any material error in the initial valuation.

Independent appraisers, with an average of 10 years’ experience in repurchase forensic review, leverage proprietary analytics from our extensive, continuous data platform, as well as third-party data from nationally licensed providers, MLS and public records. Our best-in-class coverage includes 96 percent of national real estate transactions.

ValuationIQ™ Details Include:

The ValuationIQ™ interactive report identifies the reconciled values and provides supporting appraiser commentaries and a corresponding risk rating to make decisions with confidence. Digital Risk sets the standard for actionable intelligence having serviced the nation’s leading financial institutions with due diligence, risk management and quality management solutions.

  • Value reconciliation supported by comparables and empirical data
  • Valuation risk rating backed by expert review recommendations
  • Appraiser commentaries detailing subject property conditions, comparable analysis and alternate sales analysis
  • Detailed original appraisal and Digital Risk selected comparable analysis
  • Interactive Digital Risk Valuation Estimator (DRIVE) illustrating trending data, neighborhood statistics and market data in a concise, clear format
  • Easy to reference maps of all comparables, supply/demand charts, listing & sales history
  • Property comparables and surrounding market pictures