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Why you should choose

Our diversified solutions address each phase of the mortgage life cycle while evaluating and monitoring mortgage exposure at the loan level to provide invaluable insight of the key reasons for – and indicators of – credit fraud and operations risk to predict and to manage loan performance as well as help prevent repurchase risk.

  • End-To-End Fulfillment

    Our client dedicated teams deliver functional expertise to quickly and effectively manage any capacity including, loan fulfillment of processing, underwriting and closing. We are also one of the largest providers of Valuations to the marketplace today.

  • Risk Management

    Our comprehensive solutions are individually tailored to provide interactive and ongoing assessment of compliance, operational risk, credit risk and counter-party risk exposures including foreclosure reviews.

  • Quality Control

    Our ability to quickly board, review and provide full loan level transparency and accurate reviews helps you effectively assess and make time critical decisions including, but not limited to, collateral valuation reviews, pre/post funding QC, compliance audits and fraud detection.

Truly Independent Risk Assessment

Digital Risk is the largest provider of Risk, Compliance, Valuations and End-To-End Fulfillment, supporting every facet of the mortgage life cycle.

We provide clients actionable intelligence by providing context around today’s complex and shifting financial services market. Having completed over $125 billion in loan reviews, we provide one of the largest experience sets in the industry to ascertain quality, mitigate fraud, identify collateral risk and ensure regulatory and underwriting compliance.

We recognize our results impact your critical decisions. To make certain those decisions are well-supported, we utilize business rule-driven proprietary technology, intellectual rigor and leading predictive and heuristic analytic models, tailored to your requirements and vision.


  • Highly trained, client-dedicated teams with functional expertise in client system & processes
  • State-of-the-art technology & analytic platform. Over $1.1 trillion run through our proprietary continuous learning platform
  • Business-rule driven work flow technology provides maximum flexibility & system integrity
  • Collaboration Portal provides full control over iterative exceptions & resolution process & full loan transparency


  • Highly trained team, with expertise in risk compliance, valuation review and quality control
  • Business-rule-driven scripting with work flow technology provide maximum flexibility & systems integrity
  • Collaboration Portal provides convenience and control over iterative exceptions and resolution process
  • Unique data, analytics, people and process business model provide holistic solutions to complex problems